🎈Are You A Course Addict?

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Are You A Course Addict?

I was.

Can you relate to this story?

Meet Tina. An addict. Lost in a sea of courses, her digital library was overflowing, but her list of finished courses? Barely a ripple. Does this sound like you?"

Tina was like many of us. Every new course was a glittering lure, promising success. The fear of missing out kept her buying, but she never seemed to finish what she started.

Until one day, she said: Enough.

At first, skepticism crept in. But as the five days went by, Tina transformed. No longer was she hoarding courses; she was soaring through them. With the support and accountability of a community, she stopped merely collecting and started truly connecting. Her digital library transformed from a graveyard of forgotten courses to a thriving hub of success stories.

Now, it's your turn. Don't let your courses gather digital dust. Join Course Addicts Anonymous today for FREE. Embark on a five-day email series journey to transform from a course addict to a course hero. Stop consuming content and start creating it. Your success story is waiting to be written on Beehiiv. Join us now.


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  2. Reach out to small business owners and creators and offer to write, design, repurpose other content into a weekly newsletter so they can remain top of mind and connected with their followers.

  3. Market your services on social media and platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork.

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My top 6 recommendations:

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 🏃🏽‍♀️ The Rundown - AI is not just a buzz word. It’s here and it’s here to stay. Increase your daily AI acumen in 5 minutes.

 📪 Marketing Letter - This is a must-see newsletter for everyone interested in marketing their product. Read by marketers in Fortune 500.

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 📗 The Story Grid - How to write stories your readers will love.

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