🐝 Feds: Fast-Track Your Career Success

Feds: Fast-Track Your Career Success

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We're standing on the cutting edge of a new era - an era powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We all know that AI is not just about robots and data analytics. It's about enriching our processes, and more importantly, enhancing our abilities. But here's the catch. To truly leverage the potential of AI, we need to reshape our expertise.

Each individual agency should be spearheading an initiative to promote AI literacy within the federal workforce, not just looking on the outside. I’m talking about comprehensive training, workshops, and resources for our public servants. Empowering us to utilize AI in ways that can streamline processes, improve efficiency, and ultimately, serve the public more effectively.

Think of it this way, if our workforce is a high-performance car, AI literacy is the high-octane fuel that can make it run faster, smoother, and more efficiently. But, we wouldn't just pour in the fuel without understanding how it works, right? That's where AI literacy comes in. It’s the roadmap that guides us on how to use this powerful tool without any hiccups.

That’s why I loved reading how Oklahoma’s Governor is prioritizing re-skilling the workforce with free and affordable programs. If your agency is not doing this, you need to be doing this for yourself. Learn all you can about AI so you can future-proof your career.

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This month I started my Instagram Theme Page about AI Gov Buzz.

I share the latest headlines about what’s happening in AI that pertains to the federal government, especially when it comes to up-skilling the workforce.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to monetize this page, until I met my mentor, Niklas. I’m not making any money yet as I’m focused on organic growth and putting out good content.

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