🎈From 0 to 100k on Twitter X in 65 Days

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How the AI Solopreneur Went From 0 to 100K on Twitter X in 65 Days

Do you know The AI Solopreneur?

If not, be sure to follow him on Twitter X.

In 65 days, he went from 0 to 100k on Twitter X. My goal is to get 100k followers by using his system. You in?

Want to replicate his success in 3 steps?

It’s possible with Tugan AI.

Step 1: Grow a Twitter account

Choose a specific niche (one that exists, is not too specific, and is of interest to people, don’t start a discourse on the correct way to clean a table)

TO DO: Compose 4 threads a week and 2 tweets a day using Tugan AI.

(All you need to do is find interesting YouTube videos or blog articles related to your niche, put them into Tugan AI, and click generate).

TO DO: 1X per week, use TweetHunter , HypeFury or TypeFully to schedule your content.

Step 2: Create a newsletter

Once you gain your first followers…

Create a free newsletter (related to your topic) using #1 Newsletter Platform Beehiiv.

At the end of all your Twitter content, add a clear call to action (CTA) to join your newsletter.

Like this:

To write your newsletter faster than a speeding bullet, use Tugan AI

Then refine it, add personal stories, anecdotes, and images to create a deeper connection with your readers.

Step 3: Monetize

Once you have a few hundred readers on your newsletter…

You can either do affiliate marketing (promote products in your niche and earn a commission)

OR get paid to mention other people's products in your newsletter (you can find these people on Twitter easily)

Click here to get started for FREE.

AI News of the Week


  1. Sign up for Tugan AI.

  2. Reach out to small business owners offer to turn their videos into into newsletters, tweets, threads and LinkedIn posts.

  3. Market your services on social media and platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork.

SAAS Tools of the Week

AI Resources of the Week

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🔗 LINK: AI Email Newsletter Creator

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🔗 LINK: Super Affiliate AI

 🔗 LINK: ConvertKit State of the Creator Economy Report

🔗 LINK: No-Code x AI Bootcamp

🔗 LINK: Learn Prompt Engineering

🔗 LINK: Start Your AI TV Channel

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$92,900 in 30 days thru recommendations

I don’t know about you, but to be able to earn $92k in one month is simply amazing. Most people don’t earn that much in one year. That’s why I recommend newsletters, not only for the great value you get, but also for an additional revenue stream.

The only thing this person is doing is recommending newsletters and getting paid by SparkLoop. The easiest way to replicate this strategy is to:

  1. Sign up for SparkLoop 

  2. Start a Newsletter on Beehiiv

  3. Recommend other newsletters from SparkLoop

My top 5 recommendations:

☕️ Morning Brew - The crew behind Beehiiv is the crew that brought you this newsletter. Discover how it can help you up your game.

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 📪 Marketing Letter - This is a must-see newsletter for everyone interested in marketing their product. Read by marketers in Fortune 500.

 ⚕️Healthcare AI News - Elevate Your Healthcare Knowledge in 5 minutes a day. A must for all interested in their overall health.

Amazon Prime:

I don’t know about you, but I love when a book becomes a movie. I haven’t finished reading The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart, but I’m super excited about the movie now available on Amazon Prime, free for all members.

One of the reasons I’m looking forward to the movie has to do with the all-female cast led by the one and only Sigourney Weaver.

In 1988, I was mesmerized by Weaver’s performance in Gorillas In the Mist, the true story of anthropologist Dian Fossey and also by her performance as Ripley in Aliens.

It’s such a treat to see her again.

Let me know if you watch it.

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MoMa AI Art Show

If you haven’t visited the Museum of Modern Art lately, check out this 10 second video showing amazing AI Art.

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