🎈Write Your Articles 20x Faster: Doppelganger Style

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Write SEO Doppelganger Blogs in Minutes 

Hey there,

Have you ever wished you could clone yourself to be in two places at once?

Well now, it’s possible...sort of!

Let me introduce you to your new blogging partner, Blog Assistant. It’s just like having a doppelganger who loves writing blogs as much as you do.

Imagine this. You've got a brilliant idea for a blog post. It's like a spark, a small flame in your mind. But the time it takes to fan that flame into a full-fledged blog post often feels like forever, right?

Well, Blog Assistant is like a bucket of gasoline for that flame. It takes your spark and turns it into a roaring, SEO-friendly fire, in mere minutes.

Here's how it works. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 – literally.

1. You jot down your topic. That's like planting the seed.

2. Blog Assistant generates keywords for you. That’s like watering the seed.

3. It then creates outlines as the baseline for your masterpiece. That's the sunshine that helps your seed grow.

And voila!

Your SEO-ready, long-form article is ready in minutes. It's like watching a time-lapse video of a seed sprouting into a plant, only this happens in real-time.

And the best part?

You can try it for free.

So why not give it a go?

Let Blog Assistant be your blog-writing doppelganger, and watch your ideas grow into beautiful, SEO-optimized blog posts in no time.

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  1. Sign up for Blog Assistant.

  2. Reach out to small business owners and creators and offer to help create SEO blogs for their businesses.

  3. Market your services on social media and platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork.

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Sounds crazy, right? But that's the reality for Michael Houck. In just 5 months, he transformed his humble newsletter into a $50K per month business.

It's like baking a cake. You start with a few ingredients (your content), mix them in the right proportions (your strategy), and you have a delicious treat (a successful business).

So, how did he do it?

First, he made sure his content resonated with his audience. Think of it like a song. The lyrics need to connect to the listener to make an impact. Michael writes for startup founders, providing tactical advice that is easy to implement.

Then, he got experimental. Picture a scientist in a lab, trying different formulas to create the perfect solution. He tried LinkedIn, paid ads, newsletter swaps, and lead magnets. Surprisingly, lead magnets alone got him 15,000 subscribers.

But here's the kicker. He embraced low margins. Like a wise investor, he understood that reinvesting in growth would yield higher returns in the future.

And boy, did it pay off.

He went from having 10,000 readers to a whopping 60,000 subscribers. That's like a small town tuning in to read his newsletter every day.

So, what's the moral of the story?

Your passion can be more than just a hobby. It can be a profitable business. You just need the right ingredients and the willingness to experiment.

Remember, it's not about how big you start.

It’s about following in the footsteps of people like Michael.

Success leaves clues.

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  2. The second clue, he chose beehiiv as his newsletter platform of choice.

What are you waiting for?

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