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  • 🎈Youtubers: Become the ICON of Your Industry like Sam Altman

🎈Youtubers: Become the ICON of Your Industry like Sam Altman

Together with Marley Jaxx

Become the ICON of Your Industry: Free Workshop

Ever wondered how some brands become legendary while others fade into obscurity?

Think Mozart vs. Salieri – one remembered, the other forgotten.

It's all about being a DISRUPTOR.

Here's the scoop:

Become the Face of Your Industry in 6 Months 

Unlock the Power of Disruptive Content on YouTube 

Learn the Secrets to Selling Anything at Will

The Mozart Effect: Disrupt or Be Dismissed 

Becoming iconic isn't just about talent; it's about shaking things up.

Mozart knew it, and so do today's top influencers.

"Be bold, be brave enough to be your true self." - Queen Latifah

YouTube: Your Stage for Disruption 

Dive into the art of crafting videos that stand out.

It's not just what you say; it's how you say it that counts.

Techniques for Turning Heads on YouTube 

- Craft Controversial Hooks

- Challenge the Status Quo

- Be Unapologetically Authentic

Examples of Disruption in Action 🌟 

1. Joe Rogan: Podcasting with raw, unfiltered discussions.

2. Oprah: Transforming daytime TV with deep, personal storytelling.

3. Mr Beast: Reinventing philanthropy with viral challenges.

What Becoming an Icon Changes For You 🌱 

Imagine having the authority to not only capture attention but to convert that into sales – on command. That's the power of an iconic brand.

"Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room." - Jeff Bezos

Join the workshop and start your journey to iconic status.

AI News of the Week:


  1. Sign up for Disruptive Content (DC) Approach

  2. Reach out to business owners and creators and help them become the ICON of their industry with the training you receive.

  3. Market your services on social media and platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork.

SAAS Tools of the Week

Sam Altman is the ICON of the AI Industry…Become the ICON of Yours

Icon status.

That's the game.

You're not just another face in the crowd.

You're the next Sam Altman of your field.

But how?

By being a DISRUPTOR.

Six months.

That's all it takes to become the face of your industry.

YouTube – it's your battlefield.

Craft those unforgettable hooks.

Make 'em stop and stare.

Challenge everything they thought they knew.

Sam did it with AI.

You can do it with your passion.

Be authentic.


Not someday.


What's at stake?





Imagine being able to:

Selling anything.


All because, you’re an ICON.

Ready to disrupt?

When You’re Ready, Here’s How I Can Help You:

  1. Free 500-word Press Release for your Newsletter when you sign up with beehiiv using my partner link. Reply to this email after you sign up. See the example of Miss Excel with the power of PR.